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Join Filthy McTrash, Scummy The Mold-Encrusted Rag, Spongy the Disgusting Crusty Sponge, and all the other Seminal McFriends on Every Ovum's Favorite TV Show From the 80's, Seminal Street!!!...Yay!!!

Link from Tom Sweet, video posted to YouTube by…
Lowell's first use of his Flying Lawnmower with style. Lowell, Cullen B, Cortney, & Nate D present. Athens, Ohio. July 5, 2016
Discover The Sensual Sounds Of This Scientifically Created Music That Enhances Your Love Making That Incorporates Subliminal Erotic Frequencies Proven To Prolong Getting It On....Brought To You From TraLaLaMedia Laboratories Science Department...
Rest in Peace good buddy. I Love You.

From Tim Adams on Vimeo. I LOVE YOU MARY JANE

Censorship by A Brodkin. We couldn't get a hold of one of the folks in the movie, so I decided to censor it until we hear from them. Sue me.
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