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In the mid nineteen nineties, in Athens, Ohio, there was a band called 100 Book Club. They changed their name to Protozoa. They played at The Union a lot.
Pimpy Accelerator-Live! at The Union PART TWO
This performance of Pimpy Accelerator is from the Botulism Music Benefit, held at The Union in 1996.
"Walking in the Parlor," played by Lee Hammons (1883-1980) on clawhammer banjo at his home in Pocahontas County, W.Va. Dwight Diller took me and my friend David Winston up to visit the Hammonses -- Sherman, Maggie and Burl -- in the summer of 1973. …

Big hunk o cheese 1991.jpg
Nov 15'th 1991

247 spy union 1989.jpg
'Harder than you' Union Show 1989

105 ad.jpg
ads for the notorious drive through liquor store

45 mill st party.jpg
poster for party with Florida trip raffle

7 sauces.jpg
Poster for a show at 7 Sauces

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