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bro jed from above.jpg
being hassled by/hassling Brother Jed is an Athens experience.

book lady fan club 80's jehovaq witness.jpg
humorous art for a fan club for an Athens character, the Book lady, a Jehovah Witness.

replacements at mem aud.jpg
article about The Replacements from the Athens Post

Saturday garage rock.jpg
Poster for house show

I Tal ticket.jpg
ticket for I-Tal

free beer the hanger.jpg
Poster for Hangar 5

bob beyond dada.jpg
A bit of guerrilla art in answer to Brother Jed the abusive street preacher.

Art Park gate.jpg
Art Park was a place out in the country, outside of Athens

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Fran is Fran

Gordon HOL.jpg
Gordon E Johnson sacred landlord of The House of Love, holder of the Key, protector of the the Plug in the Basement.
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