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Official music video for Hair, by Me Time and the Raging Crush. Filmed and directed by 7 year old Pascal Monday. With minimal editing and some technical assistance from Chris Monday.
This is the beginning of the story of a skeleton that wanted to leave Skeleton City, a mildly popular comic strip which can be found on Instagram. (chris_monday0797) The protagonist is discovering life outside of the frame for the first time, and…
An ad for Drink More Water #2 Here's a link to buy it, It's funny and cheap.
Hellnaw [The Show] performs "Ichabod Crane" on Court Street at The Athens, Ohio Halloween Block Party 2012.

Joe Etgen - lap-steel guitar
Josh Wicker - bass
Wren Fenton - Drums

Video by Zane DeLong
Audio by Joe…
Music video for "Slide" by Hellnaw from Athens, Ohio. Track recorded by Justin Dowler and Eli Spires at Studio A (Hocking College). Video by Jacob Cooke, Justin Dowler, and Eli Spires.

Hellnaw is a two-man…
Weird Science

audio & video recorded live by Pizza Dale
Goodbye Goats

audio recorded on a zoom H5 live by Pizza Dale
video recorded on a canon vixia HF G21 live by Pizza Dale
Water Witches

audio & video recorded live by Pizza Dale
Documentary about Springfest held in May 1986 at Ohio University.
It shows how students organized a legendary party tradition that has ended long ago. This video will help OU Alumni remember that day (if they can). May it be an inspiration for…

Gong Show.jpg
Gong Show at Casa; MC Matt Harvey. Judges; Charlie Gassaway, Bob Satmary, Amy Mangano 2/27/05
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