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Future Gifts from the Past #15 Larry and the Lima Beans
Larry and the Limabeans play Cindy's birthday party, Athens, Ohio, 1991.

Space Mountain Army
SMA plays in Athens' Public Access ca 1999

Sacred Rats....Orange Soda....
A Sacred Rats Short Music Video originally on Talkshow Mania........

KF assembly
!! The best thing ever

Poppycock - Bicycle Wheel
Video by Ezra Thobabben. Poppycock is Ezra "Killygoof" Thobaben on cocktail kit and lead vocals. Matthew "Professor Wigglepenny" Toledo on guitar and backing vocals. Alex "I Don't Have A Catchy Nickname" Neff on bass sometimes (but not this time,…

The Revulvas - Nature (rough cut)
Video by Nick Rohrbaugh of

SSS from Athens Ohio sculpts harsh noise sound
SSS from Athens Ohio sculpt harsh noise @ Concentration Club @ Cat Head Press

OU Springfest 86
Documentary about Springfest held in May 1986 at Ohio University.
It shows how students organized a legendary party tradition that has ended long ago. This video will help OU Alumni remember that day (if they can). May it be an inspiration for…
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