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book lady fan club 80's jehovaq witness.jpg
humorous art for a fan club for an Athens character, the Book lady, a Jehovah Witness.

bob beyond dada.jpg
A bit of guerrilla art in answer to Brother Jed the abusive street preacher.

Art Park gate.jpg
Art Park was a place out in the country, outside of Athens

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lowell as BoB.jpg
Lowell in his Aethiric body looks upon us mortals

Blue Eagle T.jpg
T shirt with the Blue Eagle logo


Lembies yard sale.jpg
Lembi's yard sale 1989


at the umion Kevin Ford.jpg
Dave is out of Gin (Dave always ran out of stock and would complain that "people were drinking too much." of his stock.

8 athens albums.jpg
Two Geraldine ADR Planet Of The Pants Orchastraville two compilations

Kevin and mike.jpg

Official music video for Hair, by Me Time and the Raging Crush. Filmed and directed by 7 year old Pascal Monday. With minimal editing and some technical assistance from Chris Monday.
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