Rob Russel aka The Ozoner



Rob Russel aka The Ozoner


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Band: Rob Russel, ???.

From the personal archive of Lowell Jacobs RIP.

Digital transfer by Jonathan Milosavljevic. Pitch correction (2.75 semi-tones) by Adam Brodkin.

From Rob Russel 2019-09-22: "Wow from Lowell's personal collection huh? Way cool!
I'm at a loss to pin this one down. My best 3 guesses: 1. I suspect that's Lee Harvey Haight on Drums (?) and if that's Adam Kyle (rather sounds like it) on bass, then this would be the short lived Renegade Priests from '91' at the Union ...except I believe we were just a 3 piece with no 2nd guitarist as this has. 2. I seem to recall (possibly) as I was finishing my solo show -opening for the Sacred Rats (playing Robert Rial's guitar), the Rats joined me onstage for a blowout before their set, ..that would make more sense. Or 3. I also seem to recall members of the Rats joining me onstage towards the end of my set at Bloodstock Redux #2.
4. I could well be wrong on all counts. I think I'd probably have to do the do the same amount & combo of drugs & alcohol to know for certain.. gimmie an hour or three..
Track 2. is my song "Dont'cha take my Woman".
Track 4. sounds like an old traditional song (played by countless bands the world over) sometimes entitled as "Hey! Can any of us play some of the same chords in the same key, even remotely in time? No? Who gives a fuck, don't stop!". ha
Track 5. is my reworking of the Blackfoot tune, Fire of the Dragon".
I'm up for guesses.."





“Rob Russel aka The Ozoner,” Athens OH Archive, accessed June 14, 2021,

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