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Censorship by A Brodkin. We couldn't get a hold of one of the folks in the movie, so I decided to censor it until we hear from them. Sue me.

I Love You Mary Jane
From Tim Adams on Vimeo. I LOVE YOU MARY JANE

A program originally aired on the infamous public access channel of Athens, Ohio featuring local music and video art from Ken Dobo. One commercial song, Barabajagal by Donovan is included on the soundtrack. Bingo Smith, Sacred Rats, Appalachian…

BARCODE by Lowell Jacobs [2001]
Rest in Peace good buddy. I Love You.

Make Love For 77 Minutes with this Audio Spanish Fly
Discover The Sensual Sounds Of This Scientifically Created Music That Enhances Your Love Making That Incorporates Subliminal Erotic Frequencies Proven To Prolong Getting It On....Brought To You From TraLaLaMedia Laboratories Science Department...

Lowell Jacobs and the Flymo
Lowell's first use of his Flying Lawnmower with style. Lowell, Cullen B, Cortney, & Nate D present. Athens, Ohio. July 5, 2016

Seminal Street
Join Filthy McTrash, Scummy The Mold-Encrusted Rag, Spongy the Disgusting Crusty Sponge, and all the other Seminal McFriends on Every Ovum's Favorite TV Show From the 80's, Seminal Street!!!...Yay!!!

Link from Tom Sweet, video posted to YouTube by…

Stop Evil Commercial - Athens Ohio Film Fest
Its a Commercial from way back when......

The Life and Times of Leigh Harvey Haight
...Leigh Harvey Haight kills the despicable Eltan John and steals the Choadeye Chrystal from Eltan...a cult takes Leigh in and worships the Choadeye...this makes Leigh very mad...then...Soundtrack by Sacred Rats...if you were in Athens in 1992, you…

1993 - On the road with God and Texas
See the crazy hijinx that Steve, Matt, Mick and the other guy get themselves into as they tour the country and play a few gigs in San Francisco
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