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Ohio University: The people and the place, a film about Ohio's first university.

Originally presented in 16-millimeter format, this film was digitized for broader access and permanent preservation in December 2009, thanks to generous funding from…
Kris Poland and Andrew Lampela of Weedghost spoke to WOUB's Emily Votaw about their longtime Nelsonville Music Festival act, Weedghost.

Video by: Joe Votaw, James Miller, Adam Ignasky, Mitchell Sturkey, Ruthie Herman

Editing by: Adam Ignasky…
Cricket shows off his pumpkins and talks about his daughter.
Inaugural lap Uncle Fun is the first true human to use the new,Athens Roundabout.
a children's show I made for Athens public tv starring the usual bunch of bananaheads and 1 passed out lewis
Shot on MiniDV at Strout's Run outside of Athens, OH
Little Joey has been bad and needs to learn his lesson. Watch Little Joey take a walk around Court St and Ohio University campus. Will he learn his lesson? Originally recorded on Digital 8 and telecast in Athens Ohio on AMAC / ACAC Public Access…
Everybody loves the mustard. Check out "I Love Mustard" group on Facebook.
"He's on fire." Is the only description that came with this. if anyone knows message me on F.B. I'm pretty sure that's Lowell shouting "America!"
1996, maybe? Jason explains all,asks all,is all
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