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Acoustic album by Mark Lausche. In Athens Mark played with the Carolina Peaches, Mobius Cobias, and the Hedonists.

STELLA: Pony Girl
Produced by STELLA
Recorded and mixed by Bryan Gibson at Noisy Boy Studio, Athens, Ohio
Mastered by Joe Viers at John Schwab Recording Studio, Columbus, Ohio

Laura Nadeau: lead vocals, acoustic guitar

Brendan McKay once saw me play my frenetic guitar at the upstairs Union open mic. I felt kind of put down because after I got off stage, Beister said "That was Bob Rial, asking once again, "What IS music?" But Brendan came up to me and complemented…

In late 1996, I began working at Casa Nueva and Matt Hanrahan and Andy Zboralski graduated and moved away. 100 Book Club/Protozoa disbanded, and I had lots of newer material I was working on, some of which I had wanted to play in that other band. I…

"My earliest recordings from Athens" - Robert J. Rial

Recorded at the T-Com Studios in Fall of 1991-Spring of 1992.

Robert Rial- lead vocals
Bill Wagner- guitar
Chris Fischbach- guitar
Jeff Kobberdahl- bass
Andy Zboralski- drums

"A couple of years after The Garden Party broke up, I shared a four track recording of my quirky guitar work with Bill Wagner. A few weeks later in 1994 he asked me if I would play bass guitar in a new project he was working on. I expressed…

This is a recording of a song of mine from 1999, recorded by Ian Mykel at his home studio. He created the stellar percussion track and wrote an awesome bass line. The piece is a break up song about suicide. It has jazzy bluesy hints of where my sound…

The Voodoo Birds "The Blue Tape - Sneaking Suspicion"
In 1992, the Voodoo Birds, Athens Ohio’s premier party band, released “the blue tape” entitled “Sneaking Suspicion.”
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