Robert J. Rial "Time To Move On"


Robert J. Rial "Time To Move On"


This is a recording of a song of mine from 1999, recorded by Ian Mykel at his home studio. He created the stellar percussion track and wrote an awesome bass line. The piece is a break up song about suicide. It has jazzy bluesy hints of where my sound was heading (into the Bakelite 78 genres) and features my only ever whistling solo! "Time To Move On" is a fine document of an evolving songwriter. LYRICS: "Time To Move On, by Robert Rial, 1999. I drink it slowly, I'm taking my time, I got the whole night through to walk this line, I'm thinkin' 'bout you, girl, you knew that I would, Keep hoping to see you somewhere out in the 'hood. But no, you left and said it's time to move on, That you coulda stayed except you wanted me gone, so I check the clock, fish in my pocket for my keys, I know I'm going but to where, I cannot see, no. I down another couple shots for the road, The devil's comin' to collect what he's owed. I pop the clutch in and I lean back my head, Watchin' the needle slipping into the red, yeah. I can't forget you even out on this drive, Don't wanna make it back to Brown Ave. alive. Just tell my family 'It was time to move on.' I love you, sugar, and tonight I'll be gone. Just tell my momma like you told me 'It was time to move on!' I love you, sugar, and tonight I'll be gone, yeah!!! Tonight I'll be gone, Tonight I'll be gone, Tonight I'll be gone.... I hope you're happy." This song was a real catharsis for me following a breakup. It does not condone or promote taking your own life with alcohol or suicide. You are not alone. National Suicide Prevention Hotline - 1-800-273-8255


Robert J. Rial


Robert J. Rial





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