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Seminal Street
Join Filthy McTrash, Scummy The Mold-Encrusted Rag, Spongy the Disgusting Crusty Sponge, and all the other Seminal McFriends on Every Ovum's Favorite TV Show From the 80's, Seminal Street!!!...Yay!!!

Jason Frederick Descending a Staircase
Cubist video art. Sourced from public access television from Athens. Ohio, which was the Youtube of Gen X.

Athens Public Access 1994. Just messing around

In Cold Broth
Stop Animation video about a family of food goods who mysteriously start disappearing...

Received 2nd Place at the Outlet Film Festival

Made in 48 hours for Ohio University's 2007 Shoot Out Competition.

Ghost Weed
A short mystery made by myself and others chock full of Ohio experimental noise rock, smashed houseplants and a disappearing wife.

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Dirty Bomb
Interpretive look at Dirty Bombs. Lowell's work from ASU

NTS Proofs
"Nevada test site, experimental video, from MRV004 and Point of Interest Installation and Landscape interpretive work. 2004" In Lowell's words.His work from ASU

ZP Industries
"Single channel work from durational performance and Installation, 2001" In Lowell's words. His work from ASU.

Casa Que Pasa
Ad for Casa Que Pasa from the Early Morning Clown 1983

Sex like (never) before!
There seemed to be some kind of evangelical anti-sex convention at the Convention Center. The local members of some other church took action.
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