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Athens' map scetch.jpg
Joe Dolce "sketch of a 'map' of Athens that I painted on an entire room of one of the houses I lived in"

Hirchiking sign athens county fair.jpg
The sticker on the sign is for the 1971 Athens county fair

Headstone Circcus blurry..jpg
Todd McKinney, Malcolm McKinney, Gonchi Sifre, Gary Gans. John Edwards (front)

Lyrics painting.jpg
Joe Dolce "original lyric sheet to 'Rollin' Bob' "

The Union interior.jpg
Interior of The Union,late 60's early 70's

Headstone Circus drummer.jpg
Gonchi Sifre
(first drummer for Headstone Circus.)

Headstone Circus art.jpg
from Larry 'Ramona' Mott diary. Most likely around the time of the name change when 'The St James Doornob' and the 'Finite Minds' became the 'Headstone Circus'

Headstone Circus at the Appilacian Lighthouse.jpg
Joe Dolce, John Edwards at Appalachian Lighthouse

Headstone Circus.jpg
(top)Malcolm McKinney Joe Dolce. Gary Gans, John Beatty, (bottom) Todd McKinney,John Edwards,
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