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Mary hot dog sauce.jpg
Mary was the maker and keeper of the secret hot dog sauce that went on Union Dogs.

union news pic 1.jpg
An article about The Union

union crew shlitz girl.jpg
random pictures of the venue and crew, ETC.

Kick down for Krishna.jpg
poster for benefit show for local Krishna outreach that fed meany poor Athens' musicians and freaks over the years.
In the mid nineteen nineties, in Athens, Ohio, there was a band called 100 Book Club. They changed their name to Protozoa. They played at The Union a lot.
This performance of Pimpy Accelerator is from the Botulism Music Benefit, held at The Union in 1996.

Athens Community Music Fest 16th.jpg
16th annual community music festival

Flat Duo Jets Sacred Rats 92.jpg
poster for The Union 1992
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