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Live in Athens, Ohio
Mishka Shubaly performs "Ohio" live at Blackoutfest 13 in Athens, Ohio.

April 17, 2008
Spooktober performs live at Blackoutfest XIV at The Union in Athens, OH.

April 16, 2009
Snails Live at AMAC
Alone, by the Revulvas, live 4/21/07 at the Union, Athens, OH
Jim and Brook show us how real DIY instruments are used. The regular "noise boys" look on in awe. A ladder with a wire stung on it and a movie development can are being driven with home made pick ups. Not shown;the speakers of Brook's amp catch…
Performance art at it's finest.
A hard rock cover of Boppin' the Blues

Ed Allen ran an open mic at O'Hooleys in the 80's.  To learn more see his Wikipedia page.

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