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In the mid nineteen nineties, in Athens, Ohio, there was a band called 100 Book Club. They changed their name to Protozoa. They played at The Union a lot.
This performance of Pimpy Accelerator is from the Botulism Music Benefit, held at The Union in 1996.
Hellnaw [The Show] performs "Ichabod Crane" on Court Street at The Athens, Ohio Halloween Block Party 2012.

Joe Etgen - lap-steel guitar
Josh Wicker - bass
Wren Fenton - Drums

Video by Zane DeLong
Audio by Joe…
Weird Science

audio & video recorded live by Pizza Dale
Goodbye Goats

audio recorded on a zoom H5 live by Pizza Dale
video recorded on a canon vixia HF G21 live by Pizza Dale
Water Witches

audio & video recorded live by Pizza Dale
The D-Rays

audio & video recorded live by Pizza Dale
Weird Science Carrying on the tradition begun by Creme Flip;playing at the Krogers.

audio & video recorded by Pizza Dale
Great punk and rock from Athens, Ohio.
One of Athens, Ohio's favorite bands in the past decade or so, reunites for the Athens Community Music Festival. Here they play J.D. (Lost John) Hutchinson's tune, When Worlds Collide
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