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In the mid 1990's, in Athens, Ohio, on Cable Access Channel 23, there was a weekly live-on-the-air music variety showcase called Spontaneous Combustion. Hosted and produced by Jason Grey. This episode features Joshua Andra, Bill Wagner, and Robert…
In the mid nineteen nineties, in Athens, Ohio, there was a band called 100 Book Club. They changed their name to Protozoa. They played at The Union a lot.

100 Book Club- Shooting For The Stars.MP3
"A couple of years after The Garden Party broke up, I shared a four track recording of my quirky guitar work with Bill Wagner. A few weeks later in 1994 he asked me if I would play bass guitar in a new project he was working on. I expressed…

"My earliest recordings from Athens" - Robert J. Rial

Recorded at the T-Com Studios in Fall of 1991-Spring of 1992.

Robert Rial- lead vocals
Bill Wagner- guitar
Chris Fischbach- guitar
Jeff Kobberdahl- bass
Andy Zboralski- drums
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