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Abe's Retreat- a Civil War era banjo tune and a perfect metaphor for our times- the retreat of truth, personal honesty, compassion, and egalitarian democratic values that Abraham Lincoln represented.
75 year old J.D. Hutchison is my musical hero. Hot Rize recorded three of his songs, and while he's known to hip folks like Robert Earl Keen and David Bromberg, he's unknown outside of his southeast Ohio home. This video shows the start of a week I…
J. D. Hutchison sets the record straight...
J.D. Hutchison performs George Jones' "Somebody Wants Me Out of the Way" Live at The Union in Athens, Ohio.

July 11, 2014.
A legitimate question about a man, aka Lost John, who has managed to stay one step ahead of fame for his entire life- raconteur, underground hero, songwriter, performer, poet, artist, general f***-up- just pick one.
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