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Digital transfer byJonathan Milosavljevic.

Band members: John Randolf, Mike Aug, Steve Earle, and Matt Fields or Chris Farmer.

From the personal archive of Lowell Jacobs R.I.P.

This poem was written after I first fell under the stary infatuation of being Rob's biggest fan for 10+ yrs. I wrote it about the guy I was getting to know and for him. I gave it to Rob and he told me he hated the last couple of lines...sort of.…

100 Book Club- Shooting For The Stars.MP3
"A couple of years after The Garden Party broke up, I shared a four track recording of my quirky guitar work with Bill Wagner. A few weeks later in 1994 he asked me if I would play bass guitar in a new project he was working on. I expressed…
A short mystery made by myself and others chock full of Ohio experimental noise rock, smashed houseplants and a disappearing wife.

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5th Annual Aquabear County Fair
Night 3
The Union
Athens, Ohio

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Friday, March 5, 2010
Casa Cantina
Video by Todd Jacops
Shot on MiniDV at Strout's Run outside of Athens, OH
Stop Animation video about a family of food goods who mysteriously start disappearing...

Received 2nd Place at the Outlet Film Festival

Made in 48 hours for Ohio University's 2007 Shoot Out Competition.
This is the beginning of the story of a skeleton that wanted to leave Skeleton City, a mildly popular comic strip which can be found on Instagram. (chris_monday0797) The protagonist is discovering life outside of the frame for the first time, and…
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