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Humphry Farmer Lawlwss.jpg
Some of the members of God and Texas in front of Casa.

bean fasion show.jpg
The band, The Lima Beans doing Lima Beans things. mid-late 80s

Ozoner Casa bar.jpg
Ozoner doing finish work on Casa Nueva's bar top.

Liz Phal and friends.jpg
with friends at Casa

Gong Show.jpg
Gong Show at Casa; MC Matt Harvey. Judges; Charlie Gassaway, Bob Satmary, Amy Mangano 2/27/05

Athens Community Music Fest 16th.jpg
16th annual community music festival
Friday, March 5, 2010
Casa Cantina
Video by Todd Jacops

"Here is a good document of a live show by my 1997-1998 Athens band Maladroid, featuring Josh Brown on drums, Ian Mykel on bass (mostly) and me, Robert Rial on guitar and vocals. One cool thing about this recording is that it showcases Ian Mykel's…

"Even though the late 1990's was different than the early '90's in Athens (the cast of characters had changed, somewhat), it was still a killer scene, and for me it was a magic and prolific time. 1998 saw me in several side projects besides…
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