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Dan Price Lowell Jacobs.jpg
Dan Prince,Lowell Jacobs at the Aquabear County Fair.
"Single channel work from durational performance and Installation, 2001" In Lowell's words. His work from ASU.
"Nevada test site, experimental video, from MRV004 and Point of Interest Installation and Landscape interpretive work. 2004" In Lowell's words.His work from ASU
Interpretive look at Dirty Bombs. Lowell's work from ASU
"He's on fire." Is the only description that came with this. if anyone knows message me on F.B. I'm pretty sure that's Lowell shouting "America!"

lowell at monument.jpg
Photo of a young Lowell, taken at the Monument on College Green at Ohio University in Athens, OH 1988. Credit Melinda Massey.
Lowell's first use of his Flying Lawnmower with style. Lowell, Cullen B, Cortney, & Nate D present. Athens, Ohio. July 5, 2016
Rest in Peace good buddy. I Love You.
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