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"Single channel work from durational performance and Installation, 2001" In Lowell's words. His work from ASU.

Ed Allen ran an open mic at O'Hooleys in the 80's.  To learn more see his Wikipedia page.

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The Insect playing live on channel 23 in 1995 and more.

A program originally aired on the infamous public access channel of Athens, Ohio featuring local music and video art from Ken Dobo. One commercial song, Barabajagal by Donovan is included on the soundtrack. Bingo Smith, Sacred Rats, Appalachian…

From Tim Adams on Vimeo. I LOVE YOU MARY JANE

Censorship by A Brodkin. We couldn't get a hold of one of the folks in the movie, so I decided to censor it until we hear from them. Sue me.

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