The Dirty Black Socks - Casa Cantina - Athens, OH 1998


The Dirty Black Socks - Casa Cantina - Athens, OH 1998


"Even though the late 1990's was different than the early '90's in Athens (the cast of characters had changed, somewhat), it was still a killer scene, and for me it was a magic and prolific time. 1998 saw me in several side projects besides Maladroid. (No wonder my grades sucked that year!!) The Ozoner had just returned to town and he was a legend that I had only heard of, so of course I approached him and Lee Haight to form a band. Rob Russell's ex ex girlfriend apparently coined the name we would end up using for that band--Rough Sex Killed Jenny. Unfortunately there is no document of that band. Another band I found myself in in 1998 was the remnants of Appalachian Death Ride. Beister had moved to Seattle to chase his dreams and some girl, and Bill Stamp or Nazz asked me if I'd like to play with them. I put together a few covers and we played out a couple times under an old Sean Pogue band name that I happily stole--The Cool Ranch Davidians. There is a subpar video from a poorly attended gig we did at the Dugout somewhere in a box. The last side project I was in in 1998 was the one in these live recordings from a gig at Casa-- The Dirty Black Socks. Matt Harvey on vocals and harmonica, Mike Elliott and I switching off on bass and guitar, and both singing, and Josh Brown/then Brandon on drums. These three songs are fun and two of them are great originals, Dyin' Thing by Mike Elliott, and Beautiful Sleeper by Matt Harvey. Enjoy!"--Robert Rial


The Dirty Black Socks


Robert J. Rial







The Dirty Black Socks, “The Dirty Black Socks - Casa Cantina - Athens, OH 1998,” Athens OH Archive, accessed August 12, 2020,

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