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Official music video for Hair, by Me Time and the Raging Crush. Filmed and directed by 7 year old Pascal Monday. With minimal editing and some technical assistance from Chris Monday.

What You Stole From My Heart.pdf
The last band I had in Athens, Ohio was a supergroup called Fishnak. These live tracks are from an awesome show Fishnak played at The Union in 1999. Later that year a college-long dream of mine would come true when Fishnak would play on the stage on…

"My earliest recordings from Athens" - Robert J. Rial

Recorded at the T-Com Studios in Fall of 1991-Spring of 1992.

Robert Rial- lead vocals
Bill Wagner- guitar
Chris Fischbach- guitar
Jeff Kobberdahl- bass
Andy Zboralski- drums
See the crazy hijinx that Steve, Matt, Mick and the other guy get themselves into as they tour the country and play a few gigs in San Francisco

J.D. Hutchinson drawing on a napkin.jpg
Drawing on napkin by J.D. Hutchenson.

J.D. Hutchenson napkin drawing.jpg
the same as the title above

!! The best thing ever
1996, maybe? Jason explains all,asks all,is all
Cubist video art. Sourced from public access television from Athens. Ohio, which was the Youtube of Gen X.
A legitimate question about a man, aka Lost John, who has managed to stay one step ahead of fame for his entire life- raconteur, underground hero, songwriter, performer, poet, artist, general f***-up- just pick one.
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