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Tho it's a video,there's no image,just an audio source.

experimental musicians perform in Athens, OH 2006

"Here is a good document of a live show by my 1997-1998 Athens band Maladroid, featuring Josh Brown on drums, Ian Mykel on bass (mostly) and me, Robert Rial on guitar and vocals. One cool thing about this recording is that it showcases Ian Mykel's…

"Even though the late 1990's was different than the early '90's in Athens (the cast of characters had changed, somewhat), it was still a killer scene, and for me it was a magic and prolific time. 1998 saw me in several side projects besides…

What You Stole From My Heart.pdf
The last band I had in Athens, Ohio was a supergroup called Fishnak. These live tracks are from an awesome show Fishnak played at The Union in 1999. Later that year a college-long dream of mine would come true when Fishnak would play on the stage on…

Artist: Rob Russell aka The Ozoner.

Digitized by Jonathan Milosavljevic.

From the personal archive of Christopher Alan.

Appalachian Death Ride at Studio A Rama in Cleveland, OH. Digital transfer by Jonathan Milosavljevic.

WRUW-FM 91.1 & Case Western Reserve University.

Band: Chris Beister - guitar, Chris Dillon - drums, Pat Brown - bass.

If you have any…

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Band: Rob Russel, ???.

From the personal archive of Lowell Jacobs RIP.

Digital transfer by Jonathan Milosavljevic. Pitch correction (2.75 semi-tones) by Adam…


Digital transfer byJonathan Milosavljevic.

Band members: John Randolf, Mike Aug, Steve Earle, and Matt Fields or Chris Farmer.

From the personal archive of Lowell Jacobs R.I.P.
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